Titanic's . Resurrected Secret - H.E.W.

Post - Titanic mystery novel unravels Titanic's untold secret.

During the aftermath of the loss of the great liner, attempts were made to recover, identify and lay to rest those individuals scattered in the cold North Atlantic in the hope of bringing diginity to those lost souls.

This Post - Titanic story is about an individual whose identity was forfeited because of the theft of an extremely valuable object, which he had in his possesion.




The Invisible Moon

Twenty years have passed and Bryan is still unable to put the pieces of his past together - unaware that a portion of his life has been blotted out.

Joining the navy, fighting in Vietnam and the undercurrent of life would shatter all his beliefs; lead him to a threshold of truth and transform him into being a stronger person than he could ever have realized.

It is only now that he can begin to relive the ordeal in order to dispel the ghosts and horrors of the past. Love, War, Death..., some memories will never fade.

Will the unexpected visit from an old Navy shipmate and his inquiry unlock the answers from the past? Or is everything as hidden as The Invisible Moon?



New Work - Earth's Final Sun and Moon

Green is the grass. A grass unlike any other time of the year. It is the first spring of Southeastern Pennsylvania, emerald in color, new and immaculate. A grass portraying - within its tri-seasonal lfe - the birth, maturity and death of all living things.

It was a warm, humid August afternoon and Mareen pulled of the main road and parked her car on Grace Road - a tree-lined street with sugar maples.

She paused at the corner and gazed at the place where the bus used to stop. A flash of forange took her mind back to where it all began.

She began her walk under the sweet gum trees along North Fairview Road towards Notre Dame de Lourdes Church. The twin houses in the neighborhood, which once synchronized and balanced with color and design, had turned disorderly, as they seemed to take on the individual partiality of each home owner - abrupt and awkward.

She passed the Leiper Church with its charcoal colored stone resembling a 19th century Scottish Manse and reached Notre Dame. The facade had not changed except for the 'department store' look-a-like doors that has now been replaced by heavy, rustic, walnut ones. She looked at her watch. She was in plenty of time for Confession at 4pm. She knelt down and gathered her thoughts. This was the Parish Church of her childhood and her marriage...

"Why am I here? Do I want to repent in fear of damnation? Am I trying to make amends for the people I have wronged? What is my rational? Is my dire situation at this time and the fear of death 'pay back' time that motivates my desire? It was too easy for me to stoop to the lowest depths to acheive my desires and self indulgences?"

The time had come. She grabbed the pew, lifted herself up and walked over to the darkness of the confessional. She closed the door and wondered to herself whether the darkness was a precursor of the darkness of the coffin.