Titanic's .Resurrected Serect - H.E.W.


From a very early age I have been captivated by the Titanic and the events surrounding her, from her conception in London and materialization in Belfast to her demise off the coast of Newfoundland and the final resting place of the victims in Fairview Lawn Cemetery, Halifax. My mother firstsparked by interest in the Titanic by telling me stories about Molly Brown, the Wideners from Philadelphia, where I was born, and the Astor family and other well-known Americans who were on board.

There have been a surplus of books written about the loss of the great liner but very little is known about what happened during the aftermath as attempts were made to recover, identify and lay rest those individuals scattered in the cold North Atlantic in the hope of bringing diginity to those lost souls. This Post-Titanic story is about an individual whose identity was forteited because of the theft of an extremely valuable object which he had in his possession.

April of 2015 marked 103rd anniversary of the sinking of Titanic, yet the story of the great ship continues to fascinate generations of people. With the conclusion of the centennial commerations of the foundering of the Titanic in 2012. it seems appropiate for me to write an histroical novel about a rarely told story of a significant event Post-Titanic.

What sparked my imagination was a visit to Fairview Lawn Cemetery in Halifax Nova Scotia when I felt a strange pull towards gravesite 223, where an unnamed crew-member lay. Was it a trimmer or could it possibly be someone else? This was only compounded by my visit to the Harry Elkins Memorial Library at Harvard University and, gazing picture of H.E.W, I looked at my watch and the time was 2.23pm. It was from then that the number 223 which became ominous by its continual recurrence - too coincidental to be random - in my pursuit of solving the mystery of who rests in gravesite 223. This triggered my own personal obsession through my character of 'Alexei' in the novel which took me across the globe as I began to uncover a long kept secret that consumed my own life. I was determined to solve the mystery of 223.

I have strong commitment to historical and geographical accuracy so there was a great deal of research to validate the factual/ histrocial events in the novel and incorporate them into a mystery. I traveled to London/ Belfast/ Southampton/ Paris/ Cherbourg/ Cobh (Queenstown) following in the steps of Harry Elkins Widener on his last journey. The novel has been successful in the market place as well as at a book signing in Pigeon Forge and Branson Titanic's Attractions and is being reprinted with the addition of illustrations in the near future.

The book is dedicated to the memory of Harry Elkins Widener who was my inspiration throughout my research.

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