The Invisible Moon


Will the unexpected visit from an old Navy ship mate and his inquiry unlock the questions from the pasts?

“Dr. Ruocco, I had two calls just before you arrived. One from Sandy and the other from a Mr. Radnor Richardson. He asked if he could meet with you sometime today at your convenience.”
            Bryan looked up from his paperwork and his hands tightened around the papers, crinkling them. “What name did you say?” picking up the message to recall.
            “Radnor Richardson from the Congressional Vietnam Veterans Organization. He said that you served with him.”
            “Radnor, yes of course.” responded Bryan in a calm and relaxed tone hiding behind the emotional earthquake that was taking place. ‘Radnor, my God, it’s been twenty-three years. Whatever could he want?’ wondered Bryan.
“Did he leave a number?”
            “Yes, I put it with the other phone messages.”
            Bryan took his calls and seemed to avoid any eye contact with his secretary. “Thank you. I’ll be in my office completing some transfer requests.”
            “Yes, Dr. Ruocco, Mr. Richardson seemed quite adamant about hearing from you.”
“Of course. Thank you,” he said with a smile as he went into his office and closed the door behind him with his back.


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